Cheapart exhibitions are announced approximately 3 months before the selection process although many are aware due to the frequency and regularity of the events. Cheapart informs you of the upcoming event through its official website, newsletter, via social media networking and the press. The applications committee will review your information and you will be notified within several days via e-mail.

Participation Fee

There is a required participation fee per artist. Cheapart office will send you a contract to be signed and returned via airmail, fax, or a scanned version attached to email. If for any reason you cancel participation 1 month before the event, this fee will not refunded.


Each participant receives a segment of the wall to hang two vertical rows of work (double column). The location of your work within the exhibition is decided by the organization.
The work hangs within the exhibition until the closing of the show unless you can replace sold items with pieces that you maintain in our storage.
Cheapart will then place a nametag under your work. There are to be no additional information placed below the work by the artists such as cv’s, cards or other details. All print information will be placed on the information desk.


It is recommended that you prepare 16-20 pieces.

Your work should stay within the following dimensions:

minimum 20 cm.
(2 column arrangement, 6-10 items)
maximum 60 cm. (1 column arrangement, 6-10 items )


The price of each work is € 80- and is communicated as a special offer only within the context of cheapart exhibitions. Please take into consideration your individual tax arrangement.


Cheapart is not an official intermediary for sales.
This means that you sell your work directly to the buyer within the context of cheapart.
Personal representation of your work increases sales as you come into direct contact with the customer. If you cannot be present at a certain time, please ask a colleague to represent you.

Each purchase is marked with a red dot and registered in a list. Buyers who have reserved works to pick-up on the closing day must supply you with their contact information.

You may hand over work to its buyer only if you can immediately replace it with pieces you have in the storeroom. At no time must exhibition space appear to be empty.

Drop off/ Set Up

You are responsible for delivering your work directly to the exhibition space.
The work must be at the exhibition area one day before hanging. The artist or a representative must be present to hang the works.

Required hanging equipment/ hanging preparations
For installing your work within the exhibition, you must have:
Hammer, nails, level, measuring tape and any other items needed to hang of your work. There will be ladders available within the exhibition area.

Communication and Media / Copyright

Cheapart is an established, large-scale exhibition and gains mass media exposure. For this reason communication material (press release, images, newsletters) are channelled through our mailing list, official site and social media networks.
When applying online please provide us with images that we may use for the media. In addition, we request that you prepare your information in English as well.