Cheapart exhibitions have been organized since 1995 by cheapart non-profit cultural organization at their birthplace in Athens, Greece. Cheapart has invited hundreds of emerging and established artists to participate within its international network, updating the art market with fresh and new ideas. It is a display of a unique art market model in which artists put out their work on a low selling price thus making art accessible to a larger public.

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Cheapart Greece
Georg Georgakopoulos
Dimitris Georgakopoulos


Cheapart Gallery
25 A.Metaxa Street
106 81
Athens, Greece

CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point
4 Efpolidos & 2 Apellou Street
Kotzia Square
105 51
Athens, Greece

Cheapart gallery is located on the 1st floor of a 2-storey historical building dated back to 1870, in the center of Athens. Owners Georg Georgakopoulos and Demitri Georgakopoulos, artists themselves originally used the space as an atelier, a workspace and meeting point for artists. The atelier hosted the first cheapart exhibition in 1995 and was renovated in 1999 to restore early architectural features. Since the first exhibition cheapart maintains its profile as an artist run, open context gallery space and a non-profit cultural organization that maintains an annual agenda of group and solo shows.

CAMP/Contemporary Art Meeting Point is located within the historical center of Athens next to other substantial historical monuments such as The National Bank of Greece and the Athens City Hall. The three-storey preservable neoclassical building dates back to 1910. CAMP was established in 2011 as a meeting point for the art community, including the visual arts, music, performing arts and film.
Its aim is to connect artists from Greece and abroad and present an overall view of the contemporary arts scene. CAMP is a non-profit cultural organization, an artist run showcase directed by Georg Georgakopoulos, Demitris Georgakopoulos and Fotini Kapiris.

Exhibition archive 
1995-2012 [ Athens, Greece ]

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CHEAPART 18 Opening at Cheapart Gallery, 1-23.12.2012

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CHEAPART 18 Opening at CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point, 1-23.12.2012

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2-23.12.2009. “cheapart 15 years”

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